How to train your client

Clients don’t arrive graduates of Your Process University. Quite to the contrary. Clients need you to train them on your process. If you want to be able to charge more money, to set the rules, to determine the best possible course, you have to take the lead by learning how to train your client.

Matt Riopelle
Project management will set you free

There are things we just have to accept as part of the experience. In an Austin summer, you accept scorching stretches of 100º days. A college professor of mine accepted speeding tickets as a tax for his unyielding habit of driving fast. But should we accept draining, out-of-control projects that plunge us deep into the pits of project despair as part of the design job? 

Boundaries are awesome

When you have kids, you soon realize the boundaries you set are often not a matter of preference. Boundaries keep them alive. But when we get older, without the guidance of parents, we forget that boundaries, especially professional ones, have to be continually set and reinforced–for our own good.

Selling your time is plastic bottled water

You are not a commodity. The unique value mix you offer to clients includes experience, skill, approach, intuition, and style that is yours alone. No one can copy it, produce it on a mass scale, or undercut it. If you have a strong grasp of the rare value you offer, you have no competition. Until you mention time.