A simple way to a client's heart

If you want to know how to win clients, there are Wall-E sized heaps of sales programs you can study, books to read, and seminars to attend. But do me a favor and try this first: be fully present. Whenever you talk to client, scheduled or otherwise, turn every distraction off. Photoshop, Twitter, Skype, iMessage, Dropbox notifications - all of it. It’s foolish to think a call shields you from a client (or anyone else) picking up that your attention is divided. Quite the opposite. What comes through loud and clear is “You are not that important to me right now.”

Remember how you felt talking to that person who was pretending to hold a conversation whilst feverishly texting on their phone. Yeah, that. In this distracted age, you can earn the love of a client by truly listening. So go win some hearts. 

Matt Riopelle