Above commodity

Apple has carved out a unique position in my mind. When I go to buy one of their products, I don’t ask “should I buy Apple or not?”  Unlike Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Samsung or any other tech company, Apple products don't invite comparison to the competition. Instead, The question “Which Apple product should I buy?” 

In my own business and those agencies and freelancers I consult, my goal is to guide clients to approach our services the same way.  You don't want to be lumped in with the commodity market of creative resources. The competition is fierce, the pay low, and the rewards minimal. Your value isn't respected. But lots of creatives are satisfied to live there. Services like Elance and Thumbtack are the evidence.

I hope you want more.

You don't want to be a choice, you want to be the choice. With a little effort and strategy, you can get there. It’s time we position ourselves above comparison.