Be a writing disciplinarian

My 750 Words failingsYou become a better writer by writing. That’s great. But it’s the doing - that pesky part that requires discipline - where this principle loses momentum. In the context of getting any project done, Merlin Mann on his weekly 5by5 show Back To Work says what so many other writers say about writing: getting better means doing a little every day. You know, eating an elephant one bite at a time and all that. As a possible tool to make it happen, he mentioned 750 Words, a site that gives you the space and accountability for writing something everyday.

What did I do with that advice? Didn’t follow it, at least not every day (see graphic). Clearly, it’s going to take some work. But I can tell you that this simple act of (sporadically) disciplining myself to be both unfiltered and routine about writing has inspired more. More ideas, more blog posts, more tweets, and as a bonus, more clarity about my work and life. It’s on this side of amazing. So try it out for one day. I’d love to hear what you find.

Matt Riopelle