Where you price, there your heart is also

We are service providers. As the name implies, our job is to serve clients. However, the way we often present price is actually self-serving. Ask yourself, whose needs do you value more, the client's or yours? I doubt any of us see ourselves as anything but altruistic here.  

Then why is price usually presented, as a single number or a range, often before we do any discovery of the clients unstated needs? A client asks how much it will cost and we feel compelled to immediately respond. But as Mike McDermott, CEO of Freshbooks says:

[Presenting a price up front] puts my needs ahead of the client’s. It emphasizes what I want out of the relationship, not what they want.

Remember, price should not be an output of your cost, but of the client's perceived value in solving the underlying problem. So love your clients enough to find out what they really need (and how valuable solution is) before discussing price. It's worth the wait.  

Matt Riopelle