Stop messing around and get Freshbooks


Today, I had to yet another opportunity to evangelize my favorite invoicing software, Freshbooks. And when I deliver the sermon, it’s always for this reason: fees. Love or hate Paypal, the fact is that most of your clients and sub-contractors will have an account. And if you need to get paid, Freshbooks only charges $0.50 using Paypal’s echeck option for US-based businesses. If you are paying by the percent, there is a much better way.

There a lot of other benefits for freelancers and independents to using Freshbooks. It can be your accounting software if you make use of the really nice set of tools like expenses, time tracking, and P&L reports (your accountant will be pleased). And they have the best customer service. It’s never taken more than an hour for them to respond to a question on Twitter.

The basic account is free, so I’d recommend giving it a spin.