Tofino Expeditions

My work on this project includes Project Lead as well as User Experience and Information Architecture strategy.

The owner of Tofino Expeditions, an exclusive sea kayaking trip service, realized his site and branding were dated. He built the site himself when the company started and it was long overdue for a refresh and content restructuring. His two main objectives were to first, better immerse visitors in the sea kayaking experience and second, make it simple for them to book the trip they chose. 

The project started with a rebrand, including a new logo and color palette. Then I set to work on the remaining objectives. I conducted a full content inventory, reorganized content and pages, wrote page descriptions, and worked closely with the visual designer to build the experience that indeed gave visitors a visceral connection to the trips and drove bookings. 

We also built a booking system from scratch by integrating a form engine with Paypal Pro, making the transaction frictionless. Those changes drove an immediate increase in bookings and also improvements in page rank. Mission accomplished.

​In partnership with the Fixel team.