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Agencies & Freelancers

For many, "doing what you love" isn't what you thought it would be. What started as a chance for freedom has instead left you underpaid and overworked. That's why I partner with small agencies (2–12 employees) and accomplished freelancers, in business over a year, to increase their profits by rethinking the way they sell their services and set client expectations. I'm tired of talented people and teams get paid less than they are worth, suffer too much stress, and have no margins in their work to learn and be creative.

I'm out to change that culture. You can win more and bigger proposals, get control of your projects, and enjoy your work again.

How it works

There are a few ways I engage with clients. We can discuss which option works for you:

  • One or two day workshops
  • Work with you on a single project, from pre-bid on
  • One to six-month consulting arrangements

What it all means

Every design business can be super-duper. So, send me a note and we can talk. 


Matt’s firm grasp of both technical and editorial needs makes him a pleasure to work with. This flexibility allows him to suggest solutions to thorny, complex issues that cut to the heart of the matter. His adaptability to the changing business needs of IFC has made him invaluable in developing our online strategy.

Given all these wonderful qualities, I’m loathe to mention Matt’s questionable taste in movies, but I feel it must be noted to give a true picture of the man.
— Daniel Sandin, Manager of Technology and Projects at IFCAMC Networks